Predicting the future is easy. But which future? The possibilities are endless.

The modern world ended in 2051. That was ten years ago, when Tony was eleven years old. Unbearable heat and frequent superstorms have rendered Arkansas unlivable. A refugee from Colorado, Tony is one of only three people left in the camp at Kings River. He should have gone north with the others. Why is he still here?

Hannah thought she would live on the Missouri farm where she grew up forever. Now, she knows she must leave. Not because of the raiders. As far as Hannah knows, the raiders have already gone. The tornadoes have not. They’ve only gotten worse. It’s just a matter of time before a superstorm flattens her little farm. What is she waiting for?

When fate brings Tony to Hannah’s farm, they both feel a connection they can’t explain. Facing a deadly dystopian world together, the bond between them grows stronger. And ever more mysterious.

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