“You better come home. People are dying.” Who? Who is dying?

Betrayed by love, Anna’s new life suits her just fine. With memories of youth and the Blue River Ranch pushed to the back of her mind, college life in Oregon is perfect.

Until V-1, that is.

The answer to the question of who’s dying is easy. Almost everyone. Waking from fevered delirium to find the nightmare is real, Anna’s mind races. Who survived? Did her family? Did James?

All communications systems are as dead as the people who built them. So are most means of transportation. Anna has nothing left but good hiking boots, a backpack, and a desperate need to get back to Colorado.

A thousand miles of post-apocalyptic wasteland lies between her and the Blue River Ranch. Can one woman, alone, survive such a journey?


***Because of language, violence, and mature themes, the author recommends this book for readers aged 17 and older. ***


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