He’s seen the text before, who hasn’t:

The governments of the world have failed. We are no closer to eliminating fossil fuels than we were a decade ago. We, as citizens of the world, must take it on ourselves to put an end to the madness. The time for peaceful protests has passed. We will shut down the fossil fuel industry using any means necessary.
We are N.O.W. — There is No Other Way.
If you want to help save the world – join us – Text NOW to 669.

Just another phone scam? Probably. In mid-century America, anything goes to separate fools from their money.

Dylan Anderson has no time for something so trivial. Terrorists are attacking the world’s energy infrastructure, one power plant at a time. He has to stop them before the entire economy goes up in flame.

The terrorists think climate change will destroy the world. Maybe it will… eventually. Will destroying our way of life save it?

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