Trump and MAGA-ism – Symptom or Disease – Is there a cure?

Were attempts to overturn the election of 2020 no more than a brief break with democratic norms, or is the U.S.A. in for much worse in the future?

Can libertarian centrist policies get us out from under the yoke of minority rule?

What? You don’t think we live under minority rule in the United States? Consider this:

Since each state gets two Senators, Wyoming, with less than 700,000 people, is represented by the same number of Senators as California’s nearly 40,000,000 residents. To put it another way, a citizen in Wyoming has 57 times as much representation in the U.S. Senate as does a citizen in California. And, as Mitch McConnell has made all of us painfully aware, he who controls the Senate gets to decide who sits on the Supreme Court. Over the past four years, a President who lost the popular vote by 3 million votes and a Senate representing a minority of U.S. citizens have installed three conservative Supreme Court justices. This is a power grab that will affect America for decades.

What does this mean for America? Have we ever truly had a government of the people, or is that just propaganda to keep us in denial?

Is the U.S.A. destined to become a third-world police state? Is the Alt-Right in the country’s DNA, like a birth defect that has been there since the nation’s founding?



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