He had it all. All but that which he wanted most. To live a normal life.

The son of one of the wealthiest men on the planet, he lives a life of luxury in a dystopian world. While the homeless masses go hungry, he has everything money and power can buy. They say money can’t buy love, but James has that, too. Until he doesn’t.

There is no place for love in the power-hungry world of his father. James faces an ultimatum. Abandon the love of his life or see her and her family destroyed. Not only her, but his father would also throw James’ own grandfather to the wolves. What kind of man would do that?

Having it all means having the most to lose. By the time the revolution hits, James thinks he has already lost everything that matters. But a revolution is not the same as an apocalypse. The world has never heard of V-1…

***Because of language, violence, and mature themes, the author recommends this book for readers aged 17 and older. ***


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